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AMSAT and Universities

In my view, AMSAT ought to have a program to actively assist university
satellite projects with the proviso that they include ham transponders. 
AMSAT's interests and those of a university project will not always
intersect.  Still, if you offer to help early enough in a project, there is
a higher likelihood that the definition of a project can be changed to
incorporate the needs of both AMSAT and the university project.

Students want experience designing and launching new birds, but don't want
to re-invent the wheel so to speak in designing communications modules.
 Hams want more amateur transponders in the sky.  Universities are skilled
at getting funding for these projects, while AMSAT is struggling with a
shrinking budget and declining membership.  Yet we have much to offer. 
AMSAT provides an experienced source of volunteer consultants and a
geographically dispersed base of users ready to test a new satellite once
Wouldn’t it make sense for AMSAT to set a goal for collaboration with a
couple of universities in an effort to get more ham satellites in the air?
Not every university will see the benefit, but certainly there must be some
who would be happy to carry a ham transponder on their bird in exchange for
needed design help and other technical support.
Mike McGowan – KU1X

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