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time to re-org the organization

It seems to me that part of the problem in creating new satellites to
is our infrastructure. We expect people to build pieces to be fitted to
a whole
in complete darkness, and to volunteer to do it.  Volunteering to build
a subsystem
is akin to volunteering to pay for more welfare. So to an individual it
may not be
a problem to design and build it but to pay for it may just be too much
of an undertaking.
Heck, it may cut too deeply into the beer and chicks money.
So i have a proposal....

We should organize sub-groups in amsat, transponder groups ,
cpu/pripherial groups,
power subsystem group. and have a place (maybe on the amsat page) where
we can email
ideas and or design and coordinate efforts.  Some people may not be able
to design or
even build but they may have parts available to them that others cant
get or even know
someone that might enjoy contributing to a project that isnt even
intrested in satellites
at the moment.
Now on the subject of cube/university sats.  I dont care what anyone
says , i think
we are falling flat on our faces here. They do nothing for us cause we
havent asked or
maybe dont even know what they are doing. I think if we become a little
bit of a thorn
in their sides on the use of our bands , (maybe only if we coordinate
frequencies ) they
will come to us early in their design phases and at least give us a
chance to work with
them,  as it sits the first we hear of it is when the springs let go and
the thing seperates
and starts bleeping.

now , lets have a decent discussion.

Keith (N6ORS) Amateur Satellite Operator
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