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Re: Up coming AMSAT Election - MEISSE REPLY-

      If area coordinators, board members & members in general played a more
direct approach in calling and or emailing prior members I estimate we could
get back up to 25% of the 4000 that did not renew their membership. I've let
my membership lapse at times because I was too involved with my work and let
the renewal date slip. A phone call or email can work wonders.
      Establish Amsat Mentors-existing member willing to work with newbie's
or those getting back into it again. Wish I had one as I got my ticket in
2/03 but have not made a QSO yet as I get too distracted, discouraged. I
respond well to a little direction in some areas.
      Food for thought

73 Bruce KG4YEV

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> Joe,
> Thanks for the e-mail. Well, lets see:
> Yes, there has been a tremendous decline in AMSAT's Membership in recent
> years.
> I think a number of things are at play here.
> 1. An aging AMSAT population.
> (Many AMSAT members of the 60s & 70s would have left us by now.)
> 2. Lack of new exciting things happening.
> (I took an almost 20 year break, ending with the pending launch
> of AO-40)
> 3. A funding crunch which restricted what AMSAT-NA could do.
> (In this game, like many, Without the cash, no ride!, No ride,
> no new birds., No new Birds, a dwindling interest level!)
> 4. Possible lack of new blood, new young people.
> 5. I could go on, but let it suffice to say , there are many reasons.
> One of the things I plan to seek permission from the Board to do, is
> conduct a "Membership Profile". In that project, we would seek the
> Fact-Set and Opinion-Set from a reliable sample of our membership which,
> when compiled, would give us a profile of the entire AMSAT membership.
> Their age, their sex, the length of their membership, their educational
> and professional background, their operating characteristics, their
> computer & internet capability, and much more. Opinion questions would
> include Mode preferences, frequency pairing preferences, financial
> willingness, and much more. The idea is to be able to sit back and say:
> OK, this is our constituency, and these are their interests. How can we
> serve as many as possible within the financial constraints that face us.
> It will also help lend credence or discredit some of the statements that
> are often mentioned: "AMSAT is a bunch of old guys.." Well, maybe Yes
> and maybe No. We'll find out.
> So than, the answer is, no, I would not disregard the thousands of
> people who have left AMSAT membership. I think though, that we first
> need to know about the here and now. Then we can plan for target
> approaches to many different potential groups of new members.
> The quick answer, which would make the entire issue moot is to send up a
> handful of HEO birds and a full constellation of LEOs. That of course,
> in my opinion, is not going to happen for a good long time. We need to
> develop a new funding scheme, and then, even more time consuming and
> difficult, we need to make that program happen.
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> Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Up coming AMSAT Election
> Gunther
> You are asking for my BOD vote .
> I have received your letter .    I understand your words.
> I have a question .   To frame that question,
> Amsat had 8000 members back in the glory day's of AO-13
> A time of quality satellite communication world wide.
> Amsat said we have lost 4000 members ,  50 %.
> You say you want to increase membership by encouraging the young to
> join.
> Question!   Have you given up on the 4000 members Amsat has lost?
> Those 4000 members that have gone to the trouble of learning, expense
> and joy of the hobby . Please list your reasons for the loss of the 4000
> so I can tell more about what you understand .
> Keep communicating with the membership Gunther
> Joe  K0VTY
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