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Re: Up coming AMSAT Election - MEISSE REPLY-

     I too love to hear about a BOD member that has "ears" and listens 
to the "Majority" of the membership.  I do not have an "axe to grind" 
but as an active CO-Ordinator in NJ, I listen to the membership (and 
those that WERE) at hamfests and meetings.  Mostly, they have a problem 
with buying new equipment every month to operate a "Special bird!" (Yes, 
I pass this on to the BOD)
     I can list my satellites operated too and show that I've used many 
of them but I enjoy tinkering with antennas, rigs etc. I am not on 
everyday since "operating windows" dictate when you must sit in front of 
the rig to use a specific satellite.  Today, I worked a few on AO-40 but 
was interested in copying the Data Stream to get an idea what the temps 
on the bird were and watch the batt voltage fluctuate with activity. 
 (My fun)
     Keep the juice flowing in the HAMSAT community so I'll have the 
oportunity to promote our end of the hobby with upbeat items and 
directions to orbit!
Dee Interdonato, NB2F
NJ AMSAT Co-Ordinator

Gunther Meisse wrote:

>Thanks for the e-mail. Well, lets see:
>Yes, there has been a tremendous decline in AMSAT's Membership in recent
>I think a number of things are at play here.
>1. An aging AMSAT population.
>	(Many AMSAT members of the 60s & 70s would have left us by now.)
>2. Lack of new exciting things happening. 
>	(I took an almost 20 year break, ending with the pending launch
>of AO-40)
>3. A funding crunch which restricted what AMSAT-NA could do. 
>	(In this game, like many, Without the cash, no ride!, No ride,
>no new birds., No new Birds, a dwindling interest 	level!)
>4. Possible lack of new blood, new young people.
>5. I could go on, but let it suffice to say , there are many reasons.
>One of the things I plan to seek permission from the Board to do, is
>conduct a "Membership Profile". In that project, we would seek the
>Fact-Set and Opinion-Set from a reliable sample of our membership which,
>when compiled, would give us a profile of the entire AMSAT membership.
>Their age, their sex, the length of their membership, their educational
>and professional background, their operating characteristics, their
>computer & internet capability, and much more. Opinion questions would
>include Mode preferences, frequency pairing preferences, financial
>willingness, and much more. The idea is to be able to sit back and say:
>OK, this is our constituency, and these are their interests. How can we
>serve as many as possible within the financial constraints that face us.
>It will also help lend credence or discredit some of the statements that
>are often mentioned: "AMSAT is a bunch of old guys.." Well, maybe Yes
>and maybe No. We'll find out.
>So than, the answer is, no, I would not disregard the thousands of
>people who have left AMSAT membership. I think though, that we first
>need to know about the here and now. Then we can plan for target
>approaches to many different potential groups of new members.
>The quick answer, which would make the entire issue moot is to send up a
>handful of HEO birds and a full constellation of LEOs. That of course,
>in my opinion, is not going to happen for a good long time. We need to
>develop a new funding scheme, and then, even more time consuming and
>difficult, we need to make that program happen.
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>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Up coming AMSAT Election
>You are asking for my BOD vote .
>I have received your letter .    I understand your words.
>I have a question .   To frame that question,
>Amsat had 8000 members back in the glory day's of AO-13
>A time of quality satellite communication world wide.
>Amsat said we have lost 4000 members ,  50 %.
>You say you want to increase membership by encouraging the young to
>Question!   Have you given up on the 4000 members Amsat has lost?
>Those 4000 members that have gone to the trouble of learning, expense
>and joy of the hobby . Please list your reasons for the loss of the 4000
>so I can tell more about what you understand .
>Keep communicating with the membership Gunther
>Joe  K0VTY
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