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AMSAT Goals.....from someone not running for office

My PERSONAL belief is that AMSAT should plan on keeping one FM (easysat) 
satellite in orbit at all times....use a "proven" package and keep looking for 
launch opportunities....look at all the cubesats that just went up and no one 
seemed to know about the "opportunity."

If this happens, those members who hate the single channel FM birds will get 
used to it and ignore them, and those who like the birds can enjoy them.  Like 
Henry Ford discovered, "mass production" would keep the costs down. Maybe 
even produce kits (like TAPR did) to entice Universities to construct and find 
their own opportunities.

Secondly. I would think that the RS format,  2m up, 10m down CW/SSB birds 
would be an additional thought.....easy to use. most have the receive half done, 
and you can key your FM transmitter for uplink (I have) would become another 
inexpensive "kit" project to entertain. This again could be provided to outside 
organizations in a "cookie cutter" approach.

Third is the Eagle, AMSAT should keep this as it's major funded project and 
work toward the advancement of technology.

The first two projects will require little funding and only require launch 
opportunities, the "universities" will keep them flying. AMSAT gains a foothold 
in the educational satellite world, the amateurs themselves gain satellites, 
and costs are kept down.

Again this is a "dream", but is a proposition to lower costs and keep 
communicating satellites in our bands...


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