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BOD Who to vote for? my 2cent.

Did AMSAT die after AO-13 died? my guest is no. It's more than likely it had
more to do with what did or did not happen after AO-13 died.

I think that many times that ideas and or suggestion that are brought to the
BOD or any other AMSAT offical that those ideas and or suggestion are just
swept under the rug so to speek.

If you go to the AMSAT-NA web site and look at the who's who list, and the
area coordinators list, how many of those callsigns have you heard on a
satellite over the last 5 years. many of them are not active in satellites
at all, and these are the people that are making the calls that will effect
the futur of AMSAT.

 (Yes there are a few on that list that are very important to AMSAT and what
goes on in AMSAT.)

when I vote, I will ask myself who's that, I never heard him on a satellite
before, so how would he know whats going on?

What are some of the issues that face AMSAT today?
fund raising
building Satellite's
Mode's of operating
LEO vs High orbiting satellite's
how many projects to take on at one time
informing the AMSAT members on the on going project in a timely matter
when mistakes are made own up to it, and then move on

Being a AMSAT BOD, Coordinator or any other offical is more than just a
title! it means that you are the ears and hands of the AMSAT membership, so
if you are not willing to take the ear plugs out and listen, and pull your
hands out of your pockets and get them dirty then step down.

Greg Wycoff
Conway Springs, Ks.
Grid EM17ej

worked the following satellites
AO-13, AO-10, AO-40, AO-27, FO-20, FO-29
RS-10, RS15, RS-12/13,  SO-35, UO-14, SO-41
SO-50, KO-23, KO25, TO-31, UO-22

Home web page:

email: n0zhe@amsat.org
also email me at: GREGWYCOFF@havilandtelco.com

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