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Up coming AMSAT Election

July 6, 2003

Dear AMSAT-NA Member

Over the past few years very few AMSAT members have used their 
voice to VOTE in the Board Elections. Just like all of America, 
there are too few people deciding too many important issues. 
Please take the two minutes needed to vote in the upcoming AMSAT 
election. It is a critical time in the life of our organization 
and your AMSAT needs your vote.

I am running for the AMSAT-NA Board of Directors and am seeking 
your support. I will bring a different perspective to the position. 
I am concerned about the economic viability of our AMSAT and want 
to spend time trying to implement some of my ideas for additional 
funding from sources other than membership dues. I also want to 
create a future for AMSAT that has economic stability, so that we 
have sufficient funds to design, build, and launch the many varied 
types of amateur satellites that will serve the varying interests 
of our members. Also, I am deeply concerned about the future of our 
membership count. We need to work hard at exposing new people, and 
young people to what we do, and get them as enthusiastic as we are 
about AMSAT and our hobby. This will require some additional hard 
work to shape some of what we do to be more integrated into the 
technology of the young, the Internet, for example.

Please VOTE when the AMSAT ballot reaches you in a matter of days 
and I hope I can count on your support.

Gunther Meisse

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