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SO-50 newbee

> SO-50?  How often is it on? I had given up listening for it and in fact it
> is not even in my tracking files, because I thought it was harldy ever on.

Answered my own question.  Downloaded Keps, next pass was 8 minutes away.
A few minutes into  the pass and I still hadnt heard anything, so I
figured, I may as well transmit just to see what happened...  Duh...
an FM repeater in the sky with no one on!

I had to call CQ to scare up a contact.  N5AFV came back and said, yep,
typical pass only has a few people on. KD1IN also came on a little later.

Being new on the bird, I didnt want to be a hog so I just listened.  I
would say that 70% of the pass there was  no one on.  I could hear myself
everytime, so I know my uplink and downlink were correct. (but I was using
the full OSCAR array at work).     What a civilized experience and
on Sunday Afternoon no less.  Pass was about 2040z or so..

Alan informed me that it is only on if a SYSOP turns it on pass-by-pass.
That is why its on sometimes and not on sometimes...  Guess I outta add it
to my APRStk so that my kenwood (D7 or D700) autotunes it on every pass so
if it is on, Ill hear it..

de WB4APR, Bob

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