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IC-970 Sub band Recieve

    Fellow Satellite Amatuers:

    Radio fails to receive in sub band

      I have an IC-970a radio that is refusing to recieve in the sub band. 
Can operate on the main band in split for repeater operation.  The
frequency can be on the main band and receiving but when switched to sub it
is quite.  Can use the squelch control and get a squelch level but no
audio.  Have gone throught the radio preset button and switches and can not
find any control that would change the sub band to receive.   Looking for
recommendations before sending in for repair.  This radio to the knowlege
of previous orignal owner never made a sat contact.  Possible to be factory
malfunction.  However, there was a voice synthisier, and the UX-R-96 were
added.  Possible the UX-R-96 was plugged in wrong or the wires unplugged
from something else.  I do have the service manual.  If anyone could link
me to the section or sections would be a big start.  

  N8YRF        73

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