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Re: Something heard on 27846

> See below - received at 0057 UTC on 4 July 2003.
> I believe this may be DTUSAT or AAUSAT.
> The MP3 file of it is located at http://kd4app.webhop.org/amsat/unk.mp3

Thank you, Don!

Unfortunately, I am unable to recognize any signals that could be DTUsat or
AAUsat. I do not have experience in digging weak signals out of noise, so
please correct me if these signals are there. If you could mail me the wave
file, I would like to try some audio processing to dig for them.

AAUsat are using short bursts of GMSK modulation, which is very similar to
white noise to the ear. We are using AFSK, but in short bursts (50 ms) or in
a morse pattern of about 13 seconds length. You can listen to an example
here: http://www.dtusat.dtu.dk/files/index.php?c_gid=14&folderid=147 (wave

We are currently going through our station to try to tweak performance - we
seem to have a noise source burried somewhere.

Best Regards,


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