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Re: Keps for Rockot launch - who is who?


Valid point! I compiled a list yesterday - please correct it if you find
mistakes. Took quite a bit of time,


-=- Cubesats from Eurockot-launch June 30th 2003 -=-

DTUsat: Have not detected signals.
437.475 MHz FM AFSK 2400 bps, 1200 and 2400 Hz tones, 400 mW output into
canted turnstile, LHCP (nom), 50 ms data beacons every 2 minutes, 12 seconds
CW beacons every 10 minutes.
Orbital element: Unknown, but probably #27842
Web: www.dtusat.dtu.dk, Mail: dtusat@dtusat.dtu.dk

AAU Cubesat: Have detected signals. Confirmed from several sources.
437.450 MHz FM GMSK 9600 bps, 500 mW output into crossed dipole, 50 ms
beacons every 2 minutes
Orbital element: Probably #27842
Web: www.cubesat.auc.dk, Mail: lalm00@control.auc.dk

CanX: Have not detected signals.
437.880 MHz FM AFSK 1200 bps, 1200 and 1800 Hz tones, 500 mW output into
dual monopole at 90 degrees, beacons every minute
Orbital element: Unknown, but probably #27842
Web: www.utias-sfl.net, Mail: freddyp@utias-sfl.net

Quakesat: Perfect contact. 18-19 dB signal strength at high elevation.
436.675 MHz, nom. LHCP, 1.2 W output, 500 ms beacon every 10 seconds. May
fade due to tumbling, period about 300 s.
Orbital element: #27845, about 1 minute late?
Web: http://www.quakefinder.com/quakesat.htm, Mail: tbleier@quakefinder.com

Cute-I - Tokyo: Perfect contact. CW doppler shift errors less than 200 Hz.
436.8375 MHz CW, 100 mW output,
437.4700 MHz FM AFSK 1200 bps, 350 mW output, only active over Japan
Orbital element: #27844. Confirmed by CW doppler shift.
Web: http://lss.mes.titech.ac.jp/ssp/cubesat/index_e.html, Mail:

XI-IV - Titech: Contact, but room for improvement
437.490 MHz downlink, FSK, AX.25, 1200bps, 600mW
145.835 MHz uplink, FSK, AX.25, 1200bps
436.8475 MHz beacon, CW, 100mW
Orbital element: Near #75909?
Web: http://www.space.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/cubesat/index-e.html, Mail:

Unknown satellites
Don Woodward, KD4APP, kd4app@amsat.org, reports hearing a continuous signal
(minute(s)) on orbital element #27846, frequency 437.522 MHz LSB. A similar
signal is reported from Aalborg on 437.513MHz.

Hope that this helps.

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> Thanks for providing what goes with what catalogue No.  Now what remains
> to add the Uplink/Dlink Freqs and mode for the respective Sats to obviate
> looking at each Sat's Web Page  for this information.  Would look forward
> gratefully for this bit.
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