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Re: Keps for Rockot launch - who is who?

The latest estimates from the UTIAS Space Flight Lab are as follows:

Latest Estimates at 07/03/2003  12:00 EST:
27840 - BREEZE
27841 - MIMOSA
27842 - NLS-1 sub-group
27843 - MOST
27844 - Cute-1
27845 - QuakeSat
27846 - NLS-1 sub-group
27847 - **UNCONFIRMED** Possibly XI-IV
27848 - **UNCONFIRMED**
NORAD-MH will be re-scanning the sky to confirm 27843, 27847, 27848 and 
to collect fresh observation data on each objects.

TLEs and the above information are at www.utias-sfl.net/~dkekez/summary.html


On Thu, Jul 03, 2003 at 09:19:56AM -0700, Assi Friedman wrote:
> All,
> Keps set from: 2003/07/03 16:10:26
> I have been getting lots of emails from hams asking which spacecraft is
> which object.
> Well, I don't know! I haven't even operated a satellite station since I left
> ASU. But since there have been so many emails, I can do this. Please send me
> reception reports for the various objects/spacecraft. Once you identified a
> spacecraft, please provide me with which you think it is, what frequency,
> mode, cw/afsk/g3ruh, and such, and I will try to correlate them.
> Based on separation vectors, it might be a couple of weeks until we can tell
> for sure.
> Assi 4x1kx/kk7kx
> <snip>
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