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Re: LIVE Astronaut Interview via IRLP

The Internet Radio Linking Project will be used to support a live interview 
between Astronaut Barbara Morgan and campers from the Charles River Creative 
Arts Program (CRCAP). Barbara, who will be operating from the Johnson Space 
Center ARC (W5RRR) will spend 30 minutes answering questions from the 
childern who will be using the Amateur Radio facilities of the Massachusetts 
Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) begining at 1645 UTC. The event is 
organized between the JSC Distant Learning Outreach Program and the Christa 
McAuliffe Challenger Learning Center, Framingham State College, Framingham, 
Amateurs who might want to listen in on the event can do so by connecting to 
the "Lone Star" Reflector, ID # 9450, Channel # 5.


Doubltless raining on the parade here...but where does Amateur radio get 

Barbara is not in space...(I bumped into her at the local SAMS the other day 
so I am quite sure of this) ...she is "operating" from 5RRR...what 

I give up...why doesnt she pick up the phone and with the FTS call the kids?


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