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Re: Re: XI-IV beacon


> On another note, I am rather sure that I heard DTUSAT this morning.  I

Whoa! (sorry, a little excited about that :-). Could you give more details
on what you heard and what orbital element you are using? I have just
recorded and uploaded wave-files of the DTUsat beacon and CW beacon to our
web site at: http://www.dtusat.dtu.dk/files/index.php?c_gid=14&folderid=147.
Also, I have uploaded a command for requesting a beacon from the satellite
as a wave file - it works using our flight spare, at least.

> that.  It now appears that the launcher did open and the satellite
> cloud is dispersing.    Cliff K7RR

Aalborg and CanX has confirmed detection (but not yet data reception) of the
AAU Cubesat beacon signal on orbital element 76906, so we are finally
certain that the second P-pod did open. Neither we nor CanX have heard
anything yet.

Kind Regards,

        /Niels, DTUsat team

PS. I am sorry for the noise yesterday - my SMTP server acted up. I sure
hope that this one behaves.

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