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Re: Possible activation of Isle of Man this weekend

Howard, I can tell you a little bit from my short VP2EAG experience. I
should have went split to begin with on the busy EU-NA passes I was on. Once
people found me and the pile grew, I was too frazzled to stop everything and
check to see if 5-10 up was clear to go split. Picking calls out of the mess
isn't so bad, it's when that $%#$#*&^ LEILA goes off from 30 guys calling at
once. Another sat-HF difference is that you can use the full duplex to your
advantage when split by acknowledging the next staion while the others are
still calling, and they should hear you and stop there....and maybe pigs
will fly someday too.

In short, go split right away.

73, Drew KO4MA/VP2EAG

> > My question is, on the Eastern pass  I will have a good shot at Japan.
> > last time I did Japan from GJ on AO-40 it was pandemonium. What tips do
> > have for the casual DXpedition operator to deal with this?
> On HF the solution is to work split frequency: announce "listening 5 up"
> whatever. The problem being that the callers otherwise won't know when you
> transmit and will QRM you; split avoids this. But you'll still get the odd
> idiot calling on your downlink - DON'T WORK THESE as it'll encourage
> to do the same.
> By all means start off on a common frequency but if things get congested
> go to split - and say so after every QSO ("listening 5 up").
> Or - gasp - use cw and a good rx filter !!!

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