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RE: Solving the need for ISA or USB slots and Serial Ports

> But I agree, having the controller handle this so
> if something happens on the network or the computer
> hangs the rotator doesn't try to keep moving.

It can depend a little as well on the application to rotator interface
protocol too. For example, unidirectional interfaces do not allow the
application to detect stalls. If done at the application, Nova, for example,
when used with a bidirectional interface like the GS-232 will detect stalls
and send stop commands which immediately halts the rotator.

This can also be done in the interface itself. After all, the interface
knows where it's aiming for, and if it's not getting there quick enough it
can initiate a stop condition itself. This would be fairly trivial to
implement. One would have to consider how to reset out of this condition (as
simple as an on-off switch perhaps!).

73 Howard G6LVB

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