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Ethernet in the Shack, was Re: Solving the need for ISA ..

Seems to me the tasks the network needs to do fall into these overall 

-Sensing a voltage or state (can use an ADC-type device for both and 
filter in software)
	-Carrier detect/RSSI from radio
	-Voltage from position sensing pots (W5UN-style antenna arrays, 
screwdriver baseloaders, etc.)
	-Voltage and plate current of a linear
	-Cell or battery voltage in a PV system
	-Battery charge/discharge current
	-Electric field intensity (lightning prediction, RF field strength, 
-Controlling switch outputs (can use open collector or optoisolator 
	-Coax switches for antenna switching, phasing lines, sense switching 
of circular Yagi
	-Remote control of feed-mounted hardware on a dish
	-Control of large DC or AC motors (for large antenna arrays, etc.)
	-Automating non-processor-controlled radio hardware
	-Remote power intertie control
-Controlling closed-loop analog devices
	-Rotators and positioners
	-Polarization servos for linear feeds
-Data communication
	-Radios with computer control
	-Smart tuners or tuner/screwdriver combos

As you can see, there are all sorts of possibilities .. ;-)

Heard from a flight instructor:
"The only dumb question is the one you DID NOT ask, resulting in my 
going out and having to identify your bits and pieces in the midst of 
torn and twisted metal."

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