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Re: Solving the need for ISA or USB slots and Serial Ports

>How much effort/cost is required for an Ethernet interface on the rotator 
>controller, rather than USB/serial/parallel/etc? As more people end up 
>with Ethernet on their home/ham computers, the idea of having the rotator 
>on the network seems appealing - 'just' connect it to the 
>hub/router/switch and any machine could operate it. Anybody have 
>experience with this? Or thoughts in general?

Excellent idea.  Ethernet is inexpensive to manufacture with (tremendous 
market volume of the parts), and cable lengths usable with Ethernet put 
USB, serial, and parallel to shame.  Heck, with Ethernet cable lengths you 
could build the controller into the rotor itself and run Ethernet up the 
tower (but I have to admit that lightning issues would make me a bit 
squeamish about that).

And you can slap a $15 ethernet card into just about anything with an ISA 
or PCI bus, for those computers that don't have them built in.

David, ky7dr

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