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First AO-40 contacts!

It was a very good day here in Central Illinois!

Finally managed to find and drag all the pieces of my AO-40 collection out
to the driveway.  I'm using K5GNA's 1 meter round dish and 3733 for the
downlink and an FT-847 and 11 element "cheap yagi" for the uplink.
Amazingly it all seemed to work reasonably well.

I didn't hear the noise floor, but I did hear Bert, VE2ZAZ, who gave me my
first AO-40 contact.  Also had a nice long chat with Barry N2MB.  K0BLT,
WD4FAB, and WA6DNR are also in the log.  DX included JH0PVF, JA5LG, and
VK2RW.  There's certainly room for improvements in the station, but I am
pretty excited about these contacts for my first day out.

BTW I used Hasan (N0AN)'s tips for finding my downlink and it worked great.
Easier than on FO-20/29.  I found the time delay (to and from the
spacecraft) made it more difficult to exactly match frequencies on SSB,
however.  Thanks to Hasan for the tuning tips, Bob (K5GNA) for making the
3733 downconverters and dishes available and especially to the stations
listed above who helped me get some on the air experience.

Grant Zehr AA9LC

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