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RE: more cubesats

I can't afford a new Alpha amplifier for my HF station but that doesn't keep
me from building an amp or using less power. Contrary to what people think
the constitution says, we are not all equal, only created equal. After that
it is up to the individual (unless it is a college environment...).

Evaluate your resources and make the best of them.

Again, we get back to the challenge. How can I get on AO-40 with minimal
investment? Old Primestar dish (free, sitting on side of road waiting to be
taken to transfer station), helix feed (wound with old house wiring), old TV
tripod antenna mount on the picnic table in the back yard, multi-mode
VHF/UHF rig (5 years old - bought instead of many FM mobiles over the same
time period). Drake D/C for $30 (modified myself).

THis is how I got on. I have moved beyond the initial station setup because
I liked the challenge.

Been a member of AARP for 5 years now. Have some life experience. This
helped me innovate and use what I had or could find without cost. I read the
notes on this reflector and used my imagination to accomplish what I wanted.
I didn't ask (or demand!) someone else figure out how to get me on.

This is Amateur Radio. Be creative, ask questions, use your knowledge!

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What about people that cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars for a
station to use AO-40 or others.

Brian AE6GN

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