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Re: Fwd: CANX and Quakesat

Hi Bob:

We will update our site when we are not in the thick of
trying to commission our satellites.  The reality of
the world, as you are well aware, is that universities
do work with companies, if for no other reason than
to get sponsorships and donations.  I hope the amateurs
out there realize that you and I are among those who
are trying to educate students in the way of the
amateur satellite and bring more young people into
the world of amateur radio.  Last week alone, we had 
8 students take their basic amateur exam!

The CanX-1 mission and details of the project were
given to both the IARU Coordinator (who never responded) 
and Industry Canada (our version of the FCC).  
Industry Canada's Amateur Radio Office was not only in
agreement that CanX-1 is an amateur satellite, but was
also excited about it. 

Now MOST (the bigger satellite we've worked on) doesn't
belong in the amateur satellite service.  It is *not* using
amateur frequencies.  Since we are involved in many different
projects each with their unique angles (some for science,
some for technology, some for training), we cannot say that
all we do is build amateur satellites.  CanX-1 is an amateur
satellite; MOST is not.

We will update our miserable web site soon.  (I admit that
it is woefully out of date.)  Of course, we also plan to 
publish our formats (for CanX-1 only, sorry) but are
behind schedule in this regard.

Happy Canada Day and Happy Independence Day!

PS:  for those on the AMSAT BB, we could use your help in
listening for the CanX-1 beacon on 437.880 MHz.  I don't have
the format on hand (the beacon gives the name of the satellite
and our station call sign), but will make sure it is published
soon.  You should hear two tones at 1200 and 1800 Hz.  
The TLEs were given in a message sent by one of our students.

Bob Twiggs wrote:
> Please update your web pages with the following information if you have not
> done so and notify amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org of your updated site.
> Thanks
> Bob
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> >
> >Here I have been defending the student cubesat projects, and now when I go
> >visit the first two web pages, for the CANX-1 and Quakesat satellites, I
> >cannot find a single thing about HAM radio, the amateur satellite service
> >or anything on which to defend them..
> >
> >If they do have some justification as being in the amateur satellite
> >service, they sure have done a MISERABLE job of presenting it.  If someone
> >in Canada or California has a back door, they should get the universities
> >to update their web pages ASAP, or there will probably be a firestorm.
> >
> >Not only have they hidden any mention of the Amateur Satellite Service,
> >but the WEB page is so commercial it is an afront to anyone that visits
> >it.  Then when you read their mission, it is to be a bridge between research
> >and business!
> >
> >Fortunately the others arent so bad, and the AAU-cubesat does an excellent
> >job up front of addressing their use of the Amateuyr Satellite service.
> >
> >Here is how I see them (Knee jerk reaction)
> >1) CANX Looks totally commercial.  Needs to add a justificaiton ASAP
> >2) Quakesak looks totally commercial.  Needs a justification ASAP
> >3) AAUcubesat did a good job!
> >4) CUTIE is clearly amateur and attempts to show how
> >5) XI-IV attempts to justify, but rational is useless.  Needs work
> >6) DTUSAT looks like a good amateur project but needs to nail it
> >    down in a good link...
> >
> >Bob, WB4APR
> >US Naval Academy Satellite Lab
> >
> >
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