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Re: 0150 Cen Calif pass

Thanks for the report Emily.  The pass just concluded 0334 UTC, had an
elevation of only five degrees. CAN-X keps (03 181.6158140) were within
ten seconds AOS/LOS at a range of 3000 KM!  CUTE-1 was S3 while Univ of
Tokyo was S2.5 while slightly East of Hawaii.  Some of the telemetry
copied was:
1www.space.t.univtokyo.ac.jp         and
Allow for some error here as I was trying to get signals from the lost
birds.  The next pass is for TAK to print at 0658 UTC near Japan!
Cliff K7RR

Emily Clarke wrote:
> I concur - CUTE-I is very strong.  I copied it both on the mid US pass and
> the west coast pass which went almost right overhead in GS CM87tm. The keps
> for CanX seem on track, but that's about it.  I tried all the other beacons
> but no reception reports to give.
> -emily
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