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CANX and Quakesat


Here I have been defending the student cubesat projects, and now when I go
visit the first two web pages, for the CANX-1 and Quakesat satellites, I
cannot find a single thing about HAM radio, the amateur satellite service
or anything on which to defend them..

If they do have some justification as being in the amateur satellite
service, they sure have done a MISERABLE job of presenting it.  If someone
in Canada or California has a back door, they should get the universities
to update their web pages ASAP, or there will probably be a firestorm.

Not only have they hidden any mention of the Amateur Satellite Service,
but the WEB page is so commercial it is an afront to anyone that visits
it.  Then when you read their mission, it is to be a bridge between research
and business!

Fortunately the others arent so bad, and the AAU-cubesat does an excellent
job up front of addressing their use of the Amateuyr Satellite service.

Here is how I see them (Knee jerk reaction)
1) CANX Looks totally commercial.  Needs to add a justificaiton ASAP
2) Quakesak looks totally commercial.  Needs a justification ASAP
3) AAUcubesat did a good job!
4) CUTIE is clearly amateur and attempts to show how
5) XI-IV attempts to justify, but rational is useless.  Needs work
6) DTUSAT looks like a good amateur project but needs to nail it
   down in a good link...

US Naval Academy Satellite Lab

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