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cubesats 2nd edition

An update with a few keps and some websites for further info


  Graham G3VZV

  CUTE-I (JQ1YCY) CW beacon on 436.8375MHz. FM Packet: 437.470 MHz

  XI-IV (JQ1YCW) CW on 436.8745MHz 100mw. 1200bps FSK AX25 Packet: 437.490
  800mw http://www.space.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/cubesat/

  QUAKESAT 436.675 MHz, FSK +/- 3 KHz dev, 9600 baud AX25 packet each 10

  CAN X1 436.88 MHz The beacon is a digital signal consisting of two tones,
  one at 1.2 kHz and another at 1.8 kHz. SSP format.  Please send your
  to dkekez@utias-sfl.net  Web info @ http://www.utias-sfl.net/

  DTUSAT is on 437.475 MHz (2400 b/s) We expect to receive the first beacon
  with telemetry tomorrow morning. We do have a pass tonight, but as the
  satellite batteries are not fully charged at the launch, we will wait
  deploying the antennas. The chances for receiving signals tonight are thus
  marginal at best, but we will of course be listening for its first words.

  DTUSAT sends burst of data every second min. Every 5th burst should be
CW -
  but with a 1200 Hz tone so that it can be heard on a FM receiver. It will
  send OZ2DTU DTUSAT at 13 words/min.

  Later it will configured to function as a flying signal generator dropping
  the level for each burst. This way we can use it to test our receive

  The DTUSAT group said that they would use:  observation@dtusat.dtu.dk and
check      http://dtusat.dtu.dk/

  AAUSAT  Frequency: 437.450MHz Modulation: GMSK at 9600Baud

  1 09898U 0 000    03181.59388889  .00000046  00000-0  22452-4 0 0007
  2 09898 098.6905 188.4925 0015042 322.3194 117.8311 14.18134563000015

  You should be listening for at short signal-burst every 2 minutes.
  Alternatively a morse signal repeating every 20s (if something is wrong).

  Any information is appreciated. If anybody hears the signal, please answer
  to lalm00@control.auc.dk with as much information as possible.
  Some more information about the signal is available from our homepage:
  www.control.auc.dk and general info at http://www.cubesat.auc.dk

1 27840U 03031A   03181.64889853 -.00000808  25560-5  00000+0 0    15
2 27840  98.3561 187.1062 0418659 255.3812  99.9754 15.08628086    17
1 27841U 03031B   03181.64882590 -.00000113  00000-0  00000+0 0    13
2 27841  96.8200 187.6174 0379758 228.5964 128.2054 14.95091795    00

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