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Re Let's Build Some Linear Transponders - Yes Please

Look Fellars,
I am a bit disappointed by the amount of negative views I read daily on the
b-b. It could be that it is one of the things that put a lot of people off
joining us. So on the positive side,

1. So long as I can have a transponder of some sort in the sky I will work
Like many hams I started on  UO14, AO27 and SO35 with simple equipment,
graduated to RS 12/13. then to FO20/FO29 where I was disappointed to find so
few people on there, particularly CW and finally to AO40.
Many of my pals have done the same thing so I guess that we really do need
the variety that have been placed up there.
I do note that after Rallies when simple demos with handhelds and small
antennas work the LEO's (at least in the UK) we get more operators into the
satellite net, maybe it's different in the U.S.
My current challenge is working the LEO's UO14 and SO50 mobile to mobile
across Europe with my IC706. When I'm bored with that I'll go to FO20/29 and
when I can work out  how, AO40.
So for some of us at least, we like the diversity of 'birds' and can make
our own challenges.

2. If we are short of guys designing parts of future satellites, perhaps we
need to put out global calls for assistance and do it multinationally. I
know there are designers in Europe,the Middle East and Asia who either are
or have worked on linear transponders and other pieces of satellite kit, let
us not waste their talents.

3. If we want more guys and girls to get into our hobby, especially
satellite, how do we put together an interesting package (including QSO's)
for them to hear and be excited by. It could then be located on a suitable
server e.g. Yahoo and with the right 'pop ups' we could get quite an
Again we have the talents to do this spread across our numbers from
psychologists to net speciallists, let's use them,

Mike G3LGR

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