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Hi All,

CanX-1 is an amateur satellite built by students at the University of
Toronto, in Toronto, Canada. The satellite was launched this morning and
we are expecting to receive a signal from it as it makes its first pass
over our ground station. I would like to ask anyone interested to listen
for its beacon and report back whether they can hear it.

The downlink frequency is 437.88 MHz. The beacon is a digital signal
consisting of two tones, one at 1.2 kHz and another at 1.8 kHz.

The TLE for CanX-1 is
1 98989U          03181.61581401 -.00000000  00000-0 -15762-6 0 00004
2 98989 098.7180 188.5466 0008263 282.8682 268.4369 14.19789389000019

Please send your reports to me at dkekez@utias-sfl.net .

More information on the CanX program can be found on the web at

Thank you for your help.

-Daniel Kekez, VA3KKZ
 Space Flight Lab
 University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies

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