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Cubesat transponders

Bob wrote:

>To provide a multi-user linear transponder that can >be powered by only a 4" solar panel (Thats all you >get on a cubesat). Such a transponder can support up >to 20 or more users in a single 3 KHz passband. The
>improvements are:

As I pointed out in an earlier post about a new Mode A bird, we aren't necessarily limited to a *single* four inch cube.  The launcher we saw at Bangor could handle a payload three cubes high.  Link two three-cube packages together and you have a significant chunk of hardware with lots more surface area to support a much better power budget.  To use a tired phrase, we have to start thinking "outside the box" when it comes to uSats and start thinking of a single 4x4x4 cube as a *building block* not the final form-factor.

Dave Reinhart

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