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AO40 U-uplink on Field Day

W0FMS wrote:

But, with 22 elements RHCP and 100W at the antenna on u-band I could never 
hear my downlink on FD.

Unfortunately it seems that everyone posting success and what their 
equipment was in the same message is: ">50W on L-band".

W9AE replies:

Assuming you could hear other stations on AO40, something MUST be wrong with your U-band transmitter, feedline, antenna, or your technique to determine the proper uplink frequency.  The vast majority of Field Day stations on AO40 were using U uplink.  I made 132 AO40 Field Day contacts with 25W into a 15+15 element RHCP 435 MHz yagi.  I lucked out because the day before field day I built a new uplink feedline with used coax.  No chance to test it in advance, but it turned out to be good.

If you haven't successfully tested your equipment BEFORE field day, don't expect it to work properly DURING field day.  (not a flame, just pointing out Murphy's reality)

Wayne Estes W9AE (K9QL 1A IL during field day)
Mundelein, IL, USA

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