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Re: possible keps for recent launch

"Assi Friedman" <4x1kx@iarc.org> wrote:

>This just got released a short while ago. This might be of the Rokot launch 
>with the cubesats & MOST:
>UNK 1 27840U 03031A   03181.64889853 -.00000808  25560-5  00000+0 0    15 2 
>27840  98.3561 187.1062 0418659 255.3812  99.9754 15.08628086    17

The Eurockot web page says the launch has happened.
I heard an interview with Dr. Matthews from Plesetsk on
the radio Friday, and everything was Go for a launch

Exactly what does this launch have to do with AMSAT?
It seems to touch on several recent threads to do with
what the universities are doing and what just what is
an amateur satellite...

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