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Re: UO-14 demo at FD

On 30 Jun 2003 at 12:49, Bob Bruninga wrote:

> But again, I told them UP-FRONT that this was going to be a RECEIVE
> DEMO only.  We were not going to transmit.  It would be too busy
> during fieldday and we would only add to QRM.  As a receive demo, it
> worked exactly as I told them it would.  THey left excited...

This reminds me of Dove. When it was in voice mode it said something 
like, "Hi this is Dove in space" over and over.

It worked very well for demos and was always impressive when you 
could tell someone the exact moment the bird would appear on the 
horizon. They would hold their handhelds and at the appointed time, 
the squelch would begin to break and then there was Dove! 

It was a tremendous asset to the sat community that never failed to 
put a smile on peoples faces and I sure hated to see it go.

Of course, a UO-14 demo to talk to a guy a few states over is now 
upstaged by someone having a 45 minute Q5 conversation with a chap in 
Australia via a handheld and IRLP.

That is another reason why the simple FM repeaters will no longer 
impress the unwashed masses like it used to. Come to think of it, the 
popularity of the store-and-forward birds seemed to wane once 
everyone had Internet access. It just wasn't as "cool" anymore.

We have to keep thinking fresh and new to stay ahead of the 
technologies that are stealing the 'sizzle' from amateur satellite 

Sounds to me like the CubeSats should be quite a welcome addition to 
the things in orbit that we can play with!

73, Jeff

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