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UO-14 demo at FD

It was said...
> ...Most of the people who came by wanted to see me operate an FM bird,
> as they'd all read about HT's, Arrow antennas, and Easy Sats. They all
> went away discouraged when they heard the pandemonium, even though I
> explained to them that the FM birds aren't like this normally.

I think what they go away with has more to do with how the demonstrator
presents the situation than with what they actually hear.  People at my
demo went away with the opposite feeling!  THey couldnt wait to do some
tracking and try it on their own some day using the simple antennas I
showed them how to build.

a 18" by 24" piece of chicken wire bent slightly to form a parabola with
an HT and rubber duck held at the center.  I made up three of these and
we had 3 kids with the chicken wire HT's, one with a 19" whip HT and
myself with the ARROW.  And about a handful of parental onlookers.
Everyone  of the kids could track the satellite horizon to horizon and
hear the signal.  It was a great demo...  (This was our kids-club field
day site)...

But again, I told them UP-FRONT that this was going to be a RECEIVE DEMO
only.  We were not going to transmit.  It would be too busy during
fieldday and we would only add to QRM.  As a receive demo, it worked
exactly as I told them it would.  THey left excited...


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