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2003 Field Day - K0MIW

Thanks to all those I did get a chance to work, and for those I didn't,
oh well there's always next year :)

My AO40 setup was a bust, I pretty much knew going in that it would be. 
I didn't have time to drill and assemble my dual L/S patch in time, so I
just had a s band patch hung on the 1m dish using the stock ku horn
mount to hold the dc which placed it a few inches forward of where it
should have been, but didn't have any other good mounting options at the
time so I scratched AO-40.

Did use a 40 elem KLM cross yagi to receive fo-29, ao-27, and uo-14 with
good signals.  And a 5 element linear yagi to uplink to them.  uo-14 was
impossible (without the now required >100watt amp) except towards the
tail of the pass when the congestion lightened up a bit. AO-27 was
better at capturing signals rather than just generating noise, but that
could be because fewer people were aware it was on. FO-29 was a sucess,
good downlink signals with no mast preamp, only the rig preamp.  Typical
signals with this setup on my FT-847 were:

UO-14:  s9-S9+10dB
AO-27:  s5-s7
FO-29:  s2 (beacon)
	s7 (stations)

It was fun, everyone was interested and I hope its better next year!


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