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Re: FD AO-40 DK2ZF

I'd never flame you, Fred! My new helix feed on my 90cm offset dish 
worked much better this year, and I could actually *hear* QSO's in 
progress a nice comfy Q5, and I did manage to hear my own downlink on 
Saturday, but no contacts made. Hope I didn't QRM anybody, but I tried 
to pick an open spot. I think for next year I'll bite the bullet and 
get a prime-focus dish with a patch feed. I'm just too dense (and 
getting slow in my old age) to get the hang of adjusting two different 
antenna setups on Field Day while dozens of people come by and ask 
hundreds of questions. And Murphy stole my inclinometer, so I was going 
by last year's Magic Marker numbers on the Elevation axis! I'm glad I 
had a group of Scouts helping me align things.
 Made one confirmed QSO on FO-29, and 'almost' made another, but when I 
asked for a repeat, he'd gone on and worked someone else! I though 
FO-29 was in fine shape this year. I'm really glad we still have it, 
and kudos to the command team for getting it working.
And UO-14 was a complete ZOO! There was one "Turkey Running Wild" that 
called CQ for about 45 seconds on a late-evening pass out here in 
SoCal, and really made things hard. I wish people would READ before 
they operated an FM bird on FD. Most of the people who came by wanted 
to see me operate an FM bird, as they'd all read about HT's, Arrow 
antennas, and Easy Sats. They all went away discouraged when they heard 
the pandemonium, even though I explained to them that the FM birds 
aren't like this normally.
Oh well, K6AA wiill be at the bottom of the list again, but at least 
we're out there showing the AMSAT flag!
73, Jim  KQ6EA
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