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Re: Let's build some Linear Transponders


The reason why you not find any schematics published is that it is not an 
easy to make radio and not a cheap kind of radio.

To the question if there are amateurs who want to participate in making 
small transponders for e.g cubesats, I like to help as far as possible. I 
can not help with "transponder kits" or with schematics.

Then I still don't know why amateurs still want one mode satellites, like a 
PSK31 transponder....
What is the purpose of it ??? What kind of improvement it will give to 
amateurs world ???

Transponders are ideal to do tests with, like sstv, ssb, psk, and even 
psk31... with many stations at the same time... That most amateurs only want 
to talk or do just this one mode they like I know, but keep in mind that 
there are also amateurs who like to do tests... :-)

Because of the last reason I like to participate in getting more 
transponders in space. To have more of them to do tests with and give as 
most users bandwidth to use their mode they like to do...

PS: These cubesats will come back to earth after some time in space ???

73 de PE1RAH, William

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