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Re: more cubesats

Bob wrote ...
> I see small experimental satellites being built by 
> students trying to learn something about radio, space 
> and satellites in an educational, non-commercial environment.
> That seems to me to be quite in tune with the intent of the
> Amateur Satellite Service.

And, for the reason above, the AMSAT Journal welcomes all articles and photographs from the satellite development teams.  Please consider writing an article about your project when you get a chance between final exams and your upcoming launch.  Its your chance to tell the world of your success to a very receptive audience.

> I see more signals in the sky, something to track, tune 
> in, study, learn about, Something on which we can tweak 
> our receiving systems, improve our skills, learn new modes, 
> hone our antennas, develop better operational scheduling
> techniques.

Yowza ... talk about the good 'ol win-win situation, eh?  And, for this reason above I invite all Amateurs to keep their fellow designers, builders, programmers, tweakers, and operators in AMSAT informed of your trials and successes on all satellites via your article or photographs in the Journal.

E-mail address of the Journal is journal@amsat-na.org

73 de JoAnne WB9JEJ
Editor, AMSAT Journal

73 de JoAnne WB9JEJ
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