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FD 2003: Murphy by my side. . . .

Hi guys:

       Well, sorry for not working on FO-29 cause my FT-100D was used as one 
of the official transmitters, and the other sats (AO-27 and SO-50) were not 
heard. But did Uo-14. . . .  and yes IT WAS HECTIC! I reacted amazed.

       The first pass, was to the east at 22:55, did manage to work EB2AMT! 
That was incredible. And heard a few stations. the other pass was overhead, and 
yes it was practically impossible, just worked my friend Tony-WP4NAL. Then 
there was the morning pass, also over heard, and then the same happened. Did get 
to work K4SV and a station from Venezuela. Oh! and heard the CO0US!, but did 
work them on 20 meters and by the way, they were here last year with the call 
NP4A in the city of Isabela.

       The point is that, even if I didn't meant my expectations, it was a 
worthwhile experience; so now I know what to expect in the future. It's like 
when you are in HF on a morning net, and the signal is dwindling down, and there 
is a noise that's the same heard on all bands, later to learn on the cluster 
there was a solar flare. This came as a surprise as it is a detriment to HF, 
but "felt" the experience of it, so I know what it is when it happens.

       Let's see what can we do for next year, and if you heard me on the sat 
you can let me know. Til the next one.


Angel  -  WP3GW  (KP4ES - FD club call)
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