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Re: Let's build some Linear Transponders

Pieter mentioned ...
> Does anyone have the schematics  of the early Oscar or 
> RS transponders? I have never seen this type of 
> information published.

And Bob followed up with ...
> I have frequenlty posted to the BB, that if someone builds 
> small RF hardware, there are LOTS of schools that might be 
> happy to incorporate them into their satelites.  But it 
> better come READY To fly and without a lot of "baggage"...

I've been contacting the universities on behalf of the AMSAT Journal requesting they submit an article about their cubesat plans.  What I've found is that the information is slow in coming.  A lot of these projects seem to be going together with a lot of the work being done by graduate students.  Not only are they facing their launch deadlines, they still have their school work to contend with.

But, I've received pointers to existing papers.  One item in the do-it-yourself transponder area that may be of interest is on-line at:


The space crew at the University of Montana uses a Yaesu VX-1R as the on-board RF subsystem on their MEROPE cubesat.  True, this particular example is FM, its packet, it doesn't offer access for us Amateurs ... but its a good example of how to get your satellite to speak back to the earthlings.

I'm thinking there may be other commercial solutions, suitable for modification for service as a linear transponder?

73 de JoAnne WB9JEJ
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