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Re: more cubesats

You are right on Bob

nick k5qxj

>  Wb4apr Cubesats
> Please folks, before we start bashing CUBEsats, remember that we only have
> what, 3 working HAM sats now?  We need STUDENTS to get into HAM radio, not
> be driven out by grousing.
> On a satellite that is only the size of a softball, it is extremely
> difficlut to put a TRANSPONDER that can support multiple users.  So just
> because they dont support a transponder is NO reason to grouse.
> There are MANY applications in HAM radio that do not support EVERYONE
> else.  And I can think of no better use for HAM radio than getting
> students involved in technology.   I for one, WELCOME something that goes
> BEEP and recognizes the value of the Amateur Satellite COmmunity in
> providing technology in support of the radio art.
> de WB4APR

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