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5T6M, Field Day on AO40

DC8TS wrote:

Just worked Frank 5T6M on AO-40 2401.356 IK28AS

Frank will be qrv during the following week from time to time from IK28AC .
Just went qrt because nobody was replying to his cq calls

W9AE replies:

At that time I was tuning up and down the transponder looking for stations I
hadn't already worked.  I'm surprised so few Field Day stations found him.
Was he speaking English?

W9QL 1A IL had a successful field day.  I was the sole satellite operator
and managed to make 137 contacts.  132 on AO40, 4 on FO29, and 1 with ISS.
Missed all the FO29 passes but one due to generator problems, computer
lockup, and sleep.  Also learned that my DYC-817 compressor is sensitive to
435 MHz RFI.  It was designed for use with QRP HF radios.  Maybe some
ferrite beads would help.  The problem (audio distortion) only occurred when
the 435 MHz antenna was pointing in certain directions.

About the ditters...more people should try computer controlled Doppler
tuning.  With the SatPC32 "correct actual deviation" function, I could start
a new operating session with an unknown downconverter L.O. frequency, and
with one mouse click my uplink frequency would be within 300 Hz of "perfect"
on the first transmission.  Overall I didn't think "ditters" were a huge
problem.  Perhaps most people had enough sense to do their ditting well
below the beacon.  During field day many people use setups that are
different than what they are accustomed to.  The inevitable result is more
confusion and QRM.  What annoyed me most was people calling CQ on top of
existing contacts or on top of the beacon sidebands.  Deaf people shouldn't
call CQ.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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