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Re: RE: more cubesats

UO-22 when operational only required an FM dual-band radio and a 9600 baud
modem (I used a PK-96) - it was very popular, with several hundred users
each day worldwide.

I understand at one time it also allowed UI digipeating like PCSAT.


Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

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From: "Grant Zehr" <>


I think it's interesting that back in 1990 the AMSAT experts were insistent
that "normal packet" radio was not practical and would never work on
satellites because of the doppler shift, etc.  I never got on Pacsat
it required uhf SSB, vhf  FM, a TNC and a special modem.  My budget then
allowed me to get on terrestial packet (vhf FM HT and a TNC),  but the
cost for a Pacsat station put the digital satellites out of reach.

Now Bob puts up PCSAT, and I pull out my ten year old modem, my ten year
Icom HT, a 486 computer with Bob's DOS terminal program and made a LOT of
contacts.  I worked some new grid squares and had better QSO's than on
UO-14.  QSO's were one line at a time, and interleaved with other folks
chatter, but it worked really well.   If one of the Pacsat cluster had been
configured like PCSAT, we would probably now have a large group of amateurs
with on-the air digital experience and perhaps the enthusiam needed to
support the newer digital modes.


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