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Re: Let's build some Linear Transponders

On Sun, 29 Jun 2003, Pieter Ibelings wrote:

> Does anyone have the schematics  of the early Oscar or RS transponders? I
> have never seen this type of information published. Most of the information
> out there only includes really simple block diagrams.

They are very simple.  Just an RF amp, a mixer, some IF amps and some AGC
circuitry.  Then some AMPS to a PA and thats about it.  Very simple,
nothing different than buiding a receiver and a transmitter...

But not many people do that anymore.  I'd think that a transponder could
be built into a cigarette pack..  And I think if someone would build a
few, we would sure find a way to put them into some student satellites.

Again, the expertise exists in the HAM community to build these things.
The students would welcome the hardware module since what they want is to
build "satellites",  not design circuits in many cases..

I have frequenlty posted to the BB, that if someone builds small RF
hardware, there are LOTS of schools that might be happy to incorporate
them into their satelites.  But it better come READY To fly and without a
lot of "baggage"...

Just a thought.
(pardon any typos, I dont use a spell checker)..

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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