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Cliff Buttschardt K7RR


Hello Cliff, please contact me direct, I do not have your email address 

and Pieter Ibelings, if you want a schematic for a 144/28 transponder as 
flew on AO-6 and AO-7 including pictures of the BBQ flight unit from Dick 
Daniels kitchen stove ( this is what happens when your kids warm up the 
stove to make hamburgers and he was drying some epoxy on a for-flight 
unit........) get in touch with me off line.  I think I even might have a 
thick film on PC board version without the 2N3866 final box over at the 
warehouse I keep my stuff in.  Schematics were held very close as it was 
quickly obvious how the command process was done when you looked at the 
schematic.  There is a paper in German about the Mode B transponder in AO7 
that was published, it gives a great deal of detail - enough that at least 
one commercial transponder maker got started by building a copy of 
it.  Some hard research will turn up more details on other 
transponders.  There is a whole industry in the TV translater business that 
grew up out of the early work with linear transponders - they even had AGC 
systems that really worked....


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