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Re: RE: more cubesats

In a message dated 06/29/03 4:41:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time, k2@pe.net 

> Well im happy for you,  maybe you can hang out on Echolink till july.
>  BTW , I dont consider myself an amateur, Im an Amateur. 
>  Keith N6ORS

As this was directed solely to the BB and not to me I should ignore it, but 
the included facts clearly show it was intended for moi, WA1KAT....

Yes, I use Echolink, to talk to a paraplegic friend in the Midwest who has 
some trouble getting onto his roof to set up his AO-40 stuff, and to talk to my 
Amateur Radio licensed daughter on Guam while she was stationed there, it 
seems many of the satellites don't have that type of coverage yet and the military 
is somewhat spooked about having AO-40 dishes sprouting up in their 
"front-line" base housing.

I also have used many of the SATs from RS-6 on up, and have found each one 
enjoyable in their own right and for their intended purposes. Until July I have 
AO-7, FO-20, FO-29 and UO-14 if things really get quiet, or maybe ISS will 
continue with it's voice activities after the contest.

The small "a" in amateur was to show that I respect the contributions of both 
types of amateur satellite people, the "amateurs" who build them in Bob's 
clearly creative educational setting, and the "Amateurs" who control and use them 
as Licensed operators.

BTW..."I'm" and as a derivative of the word "I" (for me) is always 
capitalized and as a contraction requires an apostrophe, "don't" is a contraction of the 
words "do not" and also requires an apostrophe, and "July" as a month is a 
proper noun and will be found capitalized in most forms when it is used to 
designate a time of the year. A spell checker or dictionary is most helpful in this 



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