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Re: RE: more cubesats

In a message dated 06/29/03 1:12:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time, k2@pe.net 

>  Bob has been
>  doing a heck of a job putting up sats with aprs but how many hams actually 
> use it? It was
>  and intresting experiment.

Bob has that number and it is amazing, easily in the thousands I believe, and 
although it might be considered an "easysat," you have to know where you are 
or you end up telling the world you are in Dubai or one of the "...stans."

Unproto communications is an art form, developed by the MIR crowd, which 
allows the international passage of messages as well local contacts, much more 
manageable than UO-14 but not much good for contests.

PCSAT has filled a slot left open by MIR and ISS, IMHO it is a remarkable 
achievement by true "amateurs" (notice the lower case) and I look forward to it's 
return in July and it's successors...

Off the soapbox......

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