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RE: more cubesats

Fellow Hams,
I made that post to incite this thread,  For a long time we have allowed or encouraged
educational instuitions and others to use our bands in the hope of launching satellites
that contained amateur transponders. Somewhere along the line the transponders dissappeard
and the use of our amateur allocated frequencies stayed. Most if not all satellites that
have been being launched in the past several years have been nothing more them 'Bleep' sats,
in other words they just send telemetery, most of which is useless to us. Bob has been
doing a heck of a job putting up sats with aprs but how many hams actually use it? It was
and intresting experiment.  We need more transponders and i for one say if you have no
transponder for us then dont use our frequencies.  Now some of you will immediately whine
and say " but this will get them into hamradio and building sats!" . To which i say RUBBISH.
I they want to build sats they will anyway, and if they wanted to be hams they would be by
Maybe if amateurs started acting like professionals and demanding transponders with frequency
allocation instead of what we do now which is acting like Beggars and hoping for something 
we would command more respect and people would want to be one of us instead of just nodding 
in our direction using our freqency allocations and blowing us off..
i know that was a long sentence, but it needs to be said.


Keith N6ORS
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