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RE: more cubesats

On Sun, 29 Jun 2003, John Wright wrote:

> back to the ' use it or loose it ' approach..... Our bands seem fair game
> targets for those who are bandwidth hungry.

I donno, I dont thing that these flea power cubesats are any threat at
all.  In fact, I welcome new satellites in the Amateur Satellite Service
and the more satellites we have there, the better.  RIght now, we only have
3 working Amateur Satellties +/- one or two.  Lets not be a dog in the

The more we get the better we can fine-tune and clarify the thin line
between what is and what is not appropriate.  Lets not condem others
efforts just because we each individually dont get exactly what we
personally think is our own personal preference in the next satellite.

Its embarassing.  If someone works on an FM bird, he is condemed by the FM
haters.  If he works on a linear transonder, he is condemned by the FM
lovers.  If he works on something that sends CW, he is condemned because
it doesnt do voice.  If it works as an educational project to study
communicatiosn technology it is condemend by everyone that wants a

We need to welcome new satellites.  And if we dont like them, then GO GET
INVOLVED at a school or university near you and lend a hand.  THe seeds
have to be planted and nurtured.

de WB4APR, Bob

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