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Re: more cubesats

> >
> > > Great!  another bleep-sat to use up bandwidth in our ever empty
> > > Amateur radio allocations.
> >
> >It's always interesting to figure out how these birds justify fitting into
> >the amateur satellite service. The URL below makes it clear
> >
> Have these birds been officially allocated an amateur call sign?, if so 
> why? if they do not carry a viable "amateur radio" payload they should not 
> be classed as amateur radio. If they do not have a valid call sign 
> allocated, why are they in our bands?
> It seems to me that using amateur bands for their experimental down links, 
> saves them the "big bucks" of having to buy spectrum space in which to put 
> their down links. If they want to use our bands, then at least they could 
> incorporate some form of real amateur payload, too many have already been 
> and gone without ever activating the promised amateur payloads.

Yeah, they should have payloads to support worthwhile amateur use like


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