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LO startup problem on DEMI 2400-144RX

Don't know if anyone else has seen this...
I have a DEMI 2400-144RX downconverter for AO-40 which has always worked perfectly.
Now after being out of service for about four months, the LO doesn't want to start up.  If I leave it on the bench with an RF source and DC power, eventually (like after 10 minutes) it will suddenly start "downconverting", having just sat there until that point.  Of course, when I put it back on the antenna it chooses not to start up at all (d*** Murphy...).
Any clues?  I seem to recall reading about an adjustment in the LO on this device some time ago but can't recall exactly what it was...

Scott Townley NX7U
Gilbert, AZ  DM43di

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