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RE: more cubesats

> > Great!  another bleep-sat to use up bandwidth in our ever empty
> > Amateur radio allocations.
>It's always interesting to figure out how these birds justify fitting into
>the amateur satellite service. The URL below makes it clear

Have these birds been officially allocated an amateur call sign?, if so 
why? if they do not carry a viable "amateur radio" payload they should not 
be classed as amateur radio. If they do not have a valid call sign 
allocated, why are they in our bands?
It seems to me that using amateur bands for their experimental down links, 
saves them the "big bucks" of having to buy spectrum space in which to put 
their down links. If they want to use our bands, then at least they could 
incorporate some form of real amateur payload, too many have already been 
and gone without ever activating the promised amateur payloads.

As said above our bands are considered " empty bandwidth ", perhaps its 
back to the ' use it or loose it ' approach..... Our bands seem fair game 
targets for those who are bandwidth hungry.

Just my 2p worth...

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