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RE: more cubesats

Hi Keith

> Great!  another bleep-sat to use up bandwidth in our ever empty
> Amateur radio allocations.

It's always interesting to figure out how these birds justify fitting into
the amateur satellite service. The URL below makes it clear


Thankfully there are a few Cubesat groups taking the amateur satellite
service seriously, for example by providing open access transponders as part
of the payload.

But looking at some of the Cubesats, I wonder if there really is a serious
intention from some of the groups to fit in with the spirit of the amateur
satellite service. For some it almost seems that mere lip service is
sufficient! I don't see many open access transponders, for example.

I got the impression from one in particular which saw amateurs themselves as
an unfortunate side effect of using the amateur satellite service, referring
to us as 'fooling around' with their satellite. Hmm...

73 Howard G6LVB

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